A projection mapping show on the theater at the old market in Bielefeld

3D Animation //
3D Projection Mapping Nachtansichten

Production of building individual video content for the cultural event "Nachtansichten" which links to the 25th anniversary of the Bielefeld transport company moBiel

TNL created a show for "Bielefelder Nachtansichten", which on the one hand had a strong regional character and on the other hand featured the main sponsor moBiel.
A city landmark, the Leineweber Monument, was produced as a 3D model and brought to life by means of character animation. Special attention was paid to moBiel with animated 3D models of the Bielefeld light rail and abstracted colors of the light rail network as well as a logo integration.
Every half hour during the cultural event the 3D animations were projected onto the facade of the theater at the old market along with perfectly adapted sound design.

The implementation of the project can be found here:
Site-specific Projection Theatre