Panoramic projection of interior world globe structures

3D Projection Mapping //
360 Degree Projection Wind Turbine Energy Revolution

Installation of a virtual time travel on sustainable energy management​ inside a wind turbine, from the beginning of the universe to industrialization and into the future

TNL realized the 360° panorama projection "Energiewelten" for the Bürgerwindpark A31. 5 projectors with laser technology show a building-specific 3D video show. With edge blending, a seamless projection of the entire wall surface in the wind turbine is possible. The 360° "Energiewelten" convey history and knowledge on the topic of the energy revolution first-hand. The viewer are drawn into the 3D projection mapping and experience how everyone can become part of the energy revolution.

TNL did a great job. I am impressed how the audience is fascinated by the 360 ° projection!

Anton Wissing, CEO, Bürgerenergie A31 Hohe Mark Projekt GmbH & Co.KG