A 360° panorama mapping in the Kaiserpalast Bad Oeynhausen

3D Projection Mapping //
360° Panorama Mapping NEFF

site-specific 360° panoramic 3D projection mapping for the new oven range of NEFF as part of the M.O.W in Bad Oeynhausen

The neo-baroque Kaiserpalais in Bad Oeynhausen offers an almost perfect building for a 360° 3D panoramic projection mapping. The company "Constructa-Neff Vetriebs-GmbH took advantage of the GOP Variety Theatre and presented the new oven range of NEFF with during a VIP customer event.  The show responded to the architecture and contours of the surface. Windows and stage set became custom-made projection screens and offered even more opportunities for the four high-performance video projectors to create a comprehensive projection experience. Tuned surround sound made the 3D panoramic projection mapping almost magical. The show was significant, entertaining and an unforgettable experience for the visitor.

The 3D Visualization of this project can be found here: 
360° Projection Mapping NEFF

To set a new product series in scene, we opted for the fantastic effect of a 360 ° projection presentation. The brand evening became an unique experience for everyone: our customers and our employees. The presentation - unprecedented in this form - filled the room emotionally, leaving a lasting impression far beyond the event. The realization of this project in the historic rooms of Kaiserpalais was extremely exciting and the cooperation with TNL very pleasant, we felt to be in best hands.

Stefan Kinkel, Managing Director Constructa-Neff Vertriebs-GmbH