Building-specific projection onto the church tower

3D Projection Mapping //
Corona-compliant projection City Festival Bad Hersfeld

Realization of a corona compatible continuation of the 1200 year old tradition of the Lullus Festival, the oldest folk festival in Germany

The tower of the Bad Hersfeld town church, which otherwise stands in the middle of the action at the Lullus Festival every year, became the main actor: a 3D projection mapping by TNL staged the building and made the virtual fire visible from afar for the long tradition of the festival.
Two laser projectors enabled a building-specific facade projection from all four sides of the Bad Hersfeld landmark. The audience was able to spread around the city to see the video show.
The city of Bad Hersfeld, as the organizer of the Lullus Festival, was able to virtually preserve tradition with the projection show.

Thanks & respect! That worked out smoothly!

Matthias Glotz, City Council of Bad Hersfeld, Ba Department City Marketing (Head)