A 3D animation of an interactive cabinet model

Projection Mapping //
Mapping on Furniture Fair

Planning and creation of object-specific projection mapping for Musterring in-house exhibition

The new cabinet system of Musterring was staged effectively in its variety at the in-house fair. TNL produced, in close consultation with the customer, a projection mapping on a cabinet model, which allowed playful interactions of visitors with the object.
A specially designed presentation panel, in which a tablet-based control system was integrated, represented the connection between viewer and object and animated to stay and try out. The mapping content, which was projected to the smallest detail, presented characteristics of the elements, materials and surfaces of the design options by spectacular animations. The effect of the renderings was very realistic by simulating light and shadow as well as reflections.
During the fair the furniture mapping was accepted with joy by the visitors and it has a sustainable impact due to its possibility of interaction.

The 3D Animation of the project can be found here:
Interactive Furniture Mapping

At our in-house exhibition we wanted to take advantage the opportunity to visualize and present products virtually to be experienced. We opted for an interactive projection mapping for our cabinet system ALIGA. The installation added multimedia element to the exhibition, highlighting the number of variants of the cabinet system ALIGA. The response from our visitors was 100% positive. The next staging ideas are already taking shape! Thanks to TNL for the perfect realization of our idea!

Alexander Höner, Managing Director, Musterring International Josef Höner GmbH & Co. KG