A chancel of a church lit with LEDs

Object Illumination //
Indirect Lighting Church Sanctuary

Planning and installation of LED lighting technology for the protestant parish in Dortmund-Wickede

The Johannes Kirche in Dortmund-Wickede, built around 1250, was given a modern charm with an innovative lighting solution by TNL. Custom-made LED lighting technology illuminates the sanctuary with warm white light. The homogeneous illumination with its artful shadows draws the attention of the visitors to the "place of action". With installation of LED technology the light of the future found its way into the Johannes Kirche and convinces with its characteristics such as environmental sustainability, longevity and energy efficiency.

The modern, innovative lighting gives the historic listed building a special glow. It was a pleasure to implement this great project with the company TNL and I would like to thank Matthias Strobl and his team for the wonderful result.

Pfarrer Christoph Diestelhorst, Protestant Congregation Dortmund-Wickede