An object-specific projection on the water tower in Kristianstadt

Projection Mapping //
Facade Projection Water Tower

Installation of video projections screening on the water tower in Kristianstad, Sweden

In close cooperation with the artist Olov Tällström TNL realized a unique light art project. Three high-performance video projectors were installed permanently within the perimeter of the water tower in Swedish Kristianstad. Specially manufactured housings protect the projection technology from weather conditions. During the dark season the projections turn the water tower into a highlight. The abstract projection contents were created by Olov Tallström himself - atmospherically water structures to match the water tower.

The cooperation with TNL was very pleasant and smooth. Rapid implementation allowed the initial operation of the installation at Christmas time. The response of the inhabitants in Kristianstad is very positive. The projection technology is perfectly adapted to the situation, so that the water tower transforms into a light installation at nightfall. I would like to thank TNL for the good cooperation and I hope to realize more joint projects in the future.

Olov Tällström, Managing Director, Olov Tällström AB