A projection mapping on chimney pipes in Mexico

Projection Mapping //
Large-Screen Projection

Installation of light art during the festival "Forum Universal de las Culturas" in Monterrey, Mexico

A static projection mapping with a of projection surface of approximately 50m x 30mthe turned the industrial smokestacks into a highlight and landmark of the festival.

The projections of TNL were perfectly suitable for the festival "Forum - Universal de las Culturas". We have projected onto a series of historical industry chimneys and the quality and brightness of the images were very good despite the dark projection surface. Also the quality of the projector was very convincing. For 90 days the projector was screening different motives on the chimneys and the surrounding buildings. Visitors liked the various designs and the chimneys quickly became a highly visible event icon and a popular meeting place on the festival grounds.

Roberto Lopez, Siete|media, Mexiko City