A projection mapping of a virtual T-shirt on a mannequin

Projection Mapping //
Video Mapping Mannequin Fair

Mannequin mapping with sound design for Gore's exhibition stand at Eurobike

The central element of the innovative exhibition concept of the company Gore for Eurobike was a site-specific projection. TNL installed a video projection on a mannequin, which showed the new products at the fair allowing to change clothing, appearances and settings. The different styles were "projected" onto the body to the figure. Simulated weather conditions in the background illustrated the functionality of the clothing systems: rain drops from the jacket, wind supports the fast-drying properties of the high-tech materials. A proper sound design enhanced the effect of the projection.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. We would like to work with you again at any time.

FJ Burger, Design / Development, Messe Bauer & Companions GmbH