Pioneers of Projection Mapping

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Developing ideas

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Shaping stories

Immersive Indoor-Projektion X-Box in Berlin


Experiences connect

We make the future happen

TNL has been working with immersive projections since 1997 and is therefore one of the pioneers of the genre. With a spirit of innovation, we transform technical progress into collective amazement.


Step 1 – Creation


Step 2 – Design


Step 3 – Illumination

Our vision:
Illuminating Thoughts

The digital age is changing our perception. There is the highest visual information density of all time. We design light in a way that emphasizes the uniqueness of the moment through collective experience. «

MATTHIAS STROBL, Managing Director, TNL GmbH

Team TNL

As The Night Lab, we have been experimenting with fascinating forms of light for over two decades.

The TNL Story

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