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Wellness Illumination

A lighting solution that uses controllable LEDs can hardly be surpassed when it comes to flexibility and efficiency illuminating spas and wellness areas.

The ability to determine colors accurately, allows enormous freedom. Also, the radiation from LED light sources can be influenced by special lens systems and the light intensity can be controlled by dimmer. LEDs use considerably less power than conventional lighting technology at a comparable amount of light.

Projects // LED Wellness Illumination

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Homogenous color moods that are specially tailored to the room provide a unique, uplifting atmosphere in wellness areas. The color tone cool white (5500° K) is stimulating; the color tone warm white (3000° K) has a soothing effect.

Different light environments - from calming to energizing - can be called up conveniently by pressing a button. Subtle color transitions create a subconscious dynamism that show up in the degree of relaxation of the viewer. The exclusive use of low-voltage equipment in damp areas provides additional safety for spa visitors.

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Wellness Illumination

Glossary // Wellness Illumination

LED Wellness illuminations in spa areas convince with its qualities to influence mood and emotions. LED light creates a pleasant atmosphere. The flexibility of LED systems regarding the control of color, intensity and dynamic performance offer a wide range of design options: shades of green to relax, turquoise blue in the pool area evoking cleanliness and freshness, subtle light levels at rest areas, bright "cleaning light", gentle dynamics for vitalization.