Team Tnl

TNL = The Night Lab

Since 1997 we are experimenting with fascinating manifestations of light at night.

Our lighting design creates a positive atmosphere - for defined periods of time ( „light event“) or as permanent lighting installation.

Projection techniques like building projection, 3D projection mapping and interactive projections are familiar to us from a time in which the corresponding terms did not even exist. Our self-developed projection technique „lightmotiv“ impresses with a direct view into the inner universe.

Energy-efficient LED technology and multimedia control systems are further components of our lighting design.

With more than 500 projects worldwide for events as well as permanent installations, we can do both: Technology and content to the point and always to the point. All from one hand. Tailored to the communication concept of our customers.

Our in-house team of animation designers develops content that enhances reality and extends boundaries. This content makes the difference between „very nice“ and „WOW“.

Even during planning, our technicians show how well thought-out approaches can save costs while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We provide construction services according to VOB / B, even in climatically demanding environments.

Matthias Strobl
Matthias Strobl - Managing Director
More light!
Niko Wilhelm
Niko Wilhelm - Multimedia Design
50.000 ANSI Lumen
Marina Bykova
Marina Bykova - Animation Design
Light is a sensory stimulus.
Johannes Fuhrmann
Johannes Fuhrmann - 3D Design
We know how light breaks, but still light remains a miracle.
Hannes Witte
Hannes Witte - Project Lead
Experiencing light emotionally.
Benjamin Hoffmann
Benjamin Hoffmann - Project Management
Light can be darkness in disguise.
Mailin Muche
Mailin Muche - Project Management
Light it up!
Noa Diaz-Vidal
Noa Diaz-Vidal - Project Management
The light is a symbol of life and joy.
Arvid Kolb
Arvid Kolb - Project Management
The closer you get to the light, the bigger the shade.
Katharina Strobl
Katharina Strobl - Coordination
For whatever makes manifest is light.
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Design und Illumination

Am Rottmannshof 2
33619 Bielefeld // Germany

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