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3D Projection Mapping

3D Projection mapping expands the boundaries of perception and opens up the door to virtual reality. We are fascinated by this technique since 2004. Precisely allocated projections coat an existing surface structure like a living shell and convey the impression of a newly created reality.
Philosophically, this application is all about "augmented reality".

A 3D model of the surface structure that is to be projected on forms the basis for 3D projection mapping. Building facades, objects (furniture, cars, monuments), and all other types of objects with applicable projection surfaces are suitable to be projected on.

Target group-specific projection content is tailor made for the 3D model with special software. The creative process of designing the image content (mostly computer animation) is driven by abstraction, empathy and experience at TNL.

Projects // 3D Projection Mapping

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The range of possibilities of a mapped 3D projection is unlimited within the virtual reality. Buildings can be transformed from ice palaces into gingerbread houses, your object, e.g. a facade can dynamically deconstruct and rebuild energetically.

Projectors can be arbitrarily series-wired in order to fully project on a sphere or an interior with a 360 ° panoramic projection mapping. The projected show fits object individually to the existing structures and gives the viewer the illusion, the projection surface and projection would merge into a new entity.

By the push of a button, the atmosphere of a room can change fundamentally: The illusion of a journey through a futuristic underwater world, through a Caribbean seaside idyll, through hell, the Garden of Eden, a jungle without big city and through the center of the sun a neighboring galaxy may perfectly conveyed within minutes.

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3D Projection Mapping

Glossary // 3D Projection Mapping

This projection technology creates three-dimensional effects on a surface and gives the viewer the impression of the projection surface and the projections shown would merge into a new entity.
From an projection surface (facade) a 3D model is created, which reproduces the exact dimensions and structures ( for example positions of windows, tabs, etc.). Taking into account all features and characteristics of the projection surface, video content is produced.
This new technology makes it possible to project graphics, animations, photos not only on smooth screens but also on three-dimensional surfaces. In combination with sound design, a 3D video projection mapping allows the fabulous world of optical illusions to occur, also known as “augmented reality”. In practice, the term 3D projection mapping is usually applied to customized 3d projections on buildings.