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Facade Projection

Facade projections can serve as a luminous staging area for the entire building or even accentuate subareas as a highlight. The possibilities of facade projection range from the depiction of static image motifs to 3D projection mapping as a prestigious advertising medium.

The projection on a facade has been our preferred method to change the appearance of a building in a fascinating way since 2001. The building front remains unscathed, there is no garbage, as it is „only“ light that is worked with.

The planning and implementation of facade projections "made by TNL" is characterized by our exact knowledge of projection surfaces, throw ratiolighting conditions, legal concerns and adaption of the projection content.

Projects // Facade Projection

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A facade projection can be impressively used as a marketing measure for company locations, specific products or events - temporarily or permanently installed.
The projection contents are created statically or animated. The projection technology is installed inconspicuously and hidden as far as possible, so the projection can be integrated well into the existing infrastructure. Thanks to the high light output of innovative and low-maintenance laser projection technology, the facade becomes an eye-catcher in a wide area. The maximum image size per projector is about 60 meters in the dark.

This form of pop-up projection is an exciting tool in the field of ambient media, so outdoor advertising, which fits into the environment and appears in places that are not traditional advertising space.
Within a planned period, various selected facades are "approached" and recorded.
A bright projection unit including autonomous power supply is located in a vehicle, so the mobile facade projection can be used very flexibly. Construction and dismantling times are almost completely eliminated, the projection contents are "on the spot" and changeable in the context of the building.

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Facade Projection

Glossary // Facade Projection

The use of projection technology for illuminating building facades indoor or outdoor. Often effectively used at events. Projection can also be adapted individually to a building, this is referred to as a 3D projection mapping.