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Interactive Projection

Interactive projection enables the viewer to interact with the virtual reality and to us it is a popular technique for unique projection experiences since 2005.

The magic of tropical fish that show curiosity when approaching can be generated by a 3D Animation and output with projection equipment. Other effects, like butterflies on a flower meadow, a lettering that is exposed are individually selectable. The viewer enjoys a spectacular projection that remains positive in memory.

The use of interactive projections is equally suitable as a permanent installation or as a temporary event highlight.

Projects // Interactive Projection

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An interactive projection can be applied as floor projection, wall projection or rear projection - The projection surface can be wherever the viewer can go into interaction with it.

The required technology is integrated into the conditions on site, shortest projection distances or "hiding" the complete projection technology can be implemented. This allows a variety of installation options.

Examples of application for interactive projection can be found in lobbies and reception areas, waiting environments (interactive projection is particularly popular with children) and as sales support measures at the point of sale.

Dynamic sequences from nature are ideal for projection content for floor and wall projection and have a great potential attention. In the field of gastronomy an animated drinks menu with automatic ordering detection, which is projected on, and tables or bar, is a good example of using interactive projections. The projection content can be selected and programmed freely.

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Interactive Projection

Glossary // Interactive Projection

A floor, a wall, or even a table becomes an experimental area by an interactive projection. The viewer as an active moving part of the installation interacts with the projection. The projection contents can be individualized.