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Panoramic Projection

A panoramic projection is characterized by an extreme widescreen format, usually it is composed from multiple projections. Special fade techniques ensure a seamless transition between the individual projections and allow the projection content to appear as a coherent image - up to 360°. We are working with various forms of panoramic projection since 2002.

A panoramic projection, which is produced by means of several smaller projectors, can also be used effectively when there is an insufficient projection distance for a conventional projection or shadowing is to be avoided.

The magnification of the projection screen of a panoramic projection by using multiple projectors usually results in a very high resolution of 8K or even more. Specially produced image content allows a brilliant projection experience.

Projects // Panoramic Projection

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Thanks to modern media server technology, panoramic projections are expandable to an unlimited number of projectors. Thus there is the possibility to optimally match this type of projection to the lighting conditions. By overlapping image areas of multiple projectors very bright projections can be produced. Wherever special requirements apply regarding image format, image quality, projector location and projection brightness, a panoramic projection with multiple projectors is the right approach.

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Panoramic Projection

Glossary // Panoramic Projection

A panorama projection contains of the compilation of several projection systems, which significantly enlarge the field of view of the observer. Panoramic projections are produced by compositing partial images / -projections. This is possible through the soft-edge blending function of every single projector. By the dimension of the panoramic projection the viewer feels very much put into the virtual world. The 360 ° panorama projection forms the high-end of visualization options.