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Projection Mapping

A projection surface must not always be rectangular and flat. Thanks to new technologies such as projection mapping and special lenses, three-dimensional objects can be screened optimally with projection technology. Even the structure and color of the desired projection surface is negligible for modern projectors and playback systems.

Projection mapping allows interesting perspectives and visual highlights, because those projection formats are often much more attractive than in a classic, rectangular screen projection. Unusual projection formats find special attention particularly in unusual lighting situations.

Projects // Projection Mapping

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The projection contents are specifically selected for and adapted to the spherical shape. The spatial depth of the sphere often triggers the association with space and planet. The sphere projection is also available with one projector as well as 360 ° screening from all sides, thus creating a perfect optical illusion of a floating celestial body.

Domes are sophisticated and attractive design surfaces for projections. Interesting possibilities for the visual stimulation of the viewer are given by selecting special lenses and by adjusting the projection content. A room with a dome projection appears as if it was opened to the top - a perceived section of sky makes the thoughts of the viewer wander into unknown horizons.

Fog as a projection surface provides a mystical projection experience for the viewer. The finest water droplets are moved by wind and gravity and create a varied three-dimensionality and visibility of the projection that is constantly changing. The possibility to cross a screen of fog is one more fascinating aspect for the viewer.

A vehicle as a projection object offers optimum possibilities of optical illusion. By projecting dynamic image content, the vehicle appears to move, even different weather scenarios (rain, wind, sun) and the advantages of a vehicle can be displayed ideally on the vehicle`s surface.

The projection on furniture and furnishings may, in addition to the fascinating visual appearance, show the function, possible surface finishes and options. This way the furniture projection can acts as "configurator" with which the exhibitor can simulate all product variants at a presentation.

Monuments and memorials are highly attractive projection objects. The defined external appearance of a monument is maintained and screened with site-specific animations that temporarily give the monument a whole new look and can bring history to life.

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Projection Mapping

Glossary // Projection Mapping

This projection technology creates three-dimensional effects on a surface and gives the viewer the impression of the projection surface and the projections shown would merge into a new entity.
From an projection surface (facade) a 3D model is created, which reproduces the exact dimensions and structures ( for example positions of windows, tabs, etc.). Taking into account all features and characteristics of the projection surface, video content is produced.
This new technology makes it possible to project graphics, animations, photos not only on smooth screens but also on three-dimensional surfaces. In combination with sound design, a 3D video projection mapping allows the fabulous world of optical illusions to occur, also known as “augmented reality”. In practice, the term 3D projection mapping is usually applied to customized 3d projections on buildings.