A projection mapping show on the ship lift Henrichenburg

Projection Mapping //
Site-specific Projection Ship Lift

Installing a fascinating visual experience on the historic ship lift Henrichenburg during the Night of Industrial Culture "ExtraSchicht"

TNL produced and implemented a projection mapping show with historical reference for the monument of the LWL Industrial Museum. The 3D animations oriented to the building individual structures, among other things, the site-specific eagle was brought to life via character animation. The architectural staging invited the viewer on a journey into virtual reality.

At ExtraSchicht our historic ship lift was staged with a 3D video mapping of TNL. Our large audience was fascinated by the way the building transformed during the show. It was fun to watch the mapping (also for the umpteenth time) and there was applause after each performance. I'm pretty sure that we would like to see the show again.

Dr. Arnulf Siebeneicker, Director Museum, LWL Industrial Museum