tnl Mission


The digital age is changing our lives. There is the highest information density of all time, the future is knocking at the gate of our consciousness in the form of virtual reality. The development of the world is becoming ever more complex and at the same time ever faster. We long for opportunities that release us from the hectic pace of everyday digital life and enable us to encounter the inner world. Light is the central design feature of our attention and has the power to allow relaxation and balance of our thoughts.«

MATTHIAS STROBL, Managing Director, TNL GmbH

Matthias Strobl developed the innovative and patented lightmotiv projector in 1998, which impresses with a direct view of the context of the universe. The source of this unique projection lies in a petri dish in which chemical, physical and biological reactions are generated and enlarged with the help of a bright projector. By adding special liquids and colors, one-time worlds of images develop in which the laws of nature work: Abstract shapes and colors that inspire the viewer again and again. lightmotiv depicts the fascinating reality of a microcosm and arouses an inkling of the big picture, which is more than the sum of its parts.