Matthias Strobl, a statement


The digital age is changing our lives. There is the highest information density of all time, the future in the form of virtual reality knocks at the door of our consciousness. The development of the world runs more complex and at the same time faster and faster. Our thoughts yearn for balance and relaxation, for structure and orientation. One way to allow balance and a positive mental orientation is to create our living space in a way that releases us from the hectic pace of digital life and makes an encounter with the inner world. Light is the central design element of our attention and has the power to change our condition. Light is of elementary importance for life as water and air. Light can be designed in a way that allows relaxation and balance for the viewer ́s spirit.

MATTHIAS STROBL Managing Director, TNL GmbH

In 1998 Matthias Strobl developed the innovative and patented lightmotiv projector, which creates the lightmotiv.analog projection.

The source of this unique projection lies from a petri dish, in which chemical, physical and biological reactions are produced. They are enlarged by means of a high-intensity projector. By adding special liquids and colors a never-ending flow of organic images is created, formed by the forces of nature.

Abstract shapes and colors that inspire the viewer again and again. lightmotiv depicts the fascinating reality of a microcosm and awakens a sense of the big picture, which is more than the sum of its parts.